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Hot Photo Rahma Azhari - Simon McMenemy

Photo Hot Rahma Azhari - Simon McMenemy - Philippines National Team Coach Simon McMenemy which is now circulating in cyberspace seems to generate a huge response. Especially from Rahman's followers or follower on twitter.

The photos were circulated on the microblogging site Twitter, Monday (20/12/2010) morning, or not even 12 hours after the Philippine national team was eliminated from the Cup AFF ascertained after the arrested Indonesian national team. So what Rahma relationship with McMenemy? Speculation was blowing wildly as Rahman writes that the status of a little "teasing" in Twitter account.

"According to the newspaper, Rahma Azhari deliberately infiltrated by PSSI to tempt Simon and get a strategy game," writes argohernowo Twiter account.

"Thank you for Rahma Azhari. Thanks to your chest, Simon is lost concentration and lost! Salut, "wrote Vanessaangelcin Twitter account.

"No wonder the Philippines lose hold. Simon McMenemy busy road along with Rahma Azhari, "writes MayaJunita Twitter account.

However, by relaxing the sister of Ayu Azhari is with a relaxed response to the problem that befell him at this time. Through twitter, named RaAZhari has commented on the photo was circulated in cyberspace. "He's just a friend .. What a lovely person .. Glad to Actually meth uterus! Had a great time! ☺, "said Rahma through personal accounts, Sunday (12/19/2010) night.

Not only that, not long ago Rahma also re-upload his picture along with the coach. In the photo, Rahma wearing a pale blue shirt. While the coach wearing a dark blue shirt. Both seem intimate. Simon Rahman hug from behind and almost on breast Rahma. "Hhhmm goodbye simon, have a nice trip back to manila ☺ xoxo," she wrote again.In his personal account, there is also the follower Rahma who commented on the photo. By asking where they can get to know each other.

 He want  make friends?! I do not see why not ..?!! :)) ", Said Rahma. Meanwhile, manager Rahma, Erna also verifies if the image is a photograph of Rahma. "Yeah right that photo Rahma. Just ask him directly. That's her personal affairs, "said Erna


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