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Julian Paul Assange

Julian Paul Assange is a journalist from Australia, known as the founder and spokesperson for WikiLeaks, a site that publishes secret documents the government and some institutions. Most of his childhood education in place at home. His parents run a touring live theater so that they move around. At the age of 14 years, Assange known to have moved house 37 times.
For his fans, Julian Assange is a courageous truth warrior. For his critics, he is a publicity seeker who has a lot of people with life-threatening present sensitive information to the public domain. According to people who have worked with him, Assange energetic, ambitious, and very intelligent, with an uncanny ability to break computer codes.
He has lived in several countries. He said he would continue to move to handle Wikileaks from an arbitrary location. She could not eat the old and focus to work with little sleep, according to Raffi Khatchadourian, the New Yorker magazine reporter who traveled with him for several weeks, as mentioned in the BBC News profiles prepared.
"He created the atmosphere around it, which makes people close to him want to take care of it to help him continue to work," Khatchadourian said. "This is probably because of his charisma."
Julian Paul Assange born in Townsville, Queensland, Australia, in 1971, of parents who run a traveling theater group that moved around a lot.
He left home when 16 years old and at age 18 had a son. He and his girlfriend and child custody fight.
In 1992, Assange Australian federal police arrested and pleaded guilty to 24 charges of hacking and released with a fine of 2100 Australian dollars.
He had studied physics and mathematics at the University of Melbourne, although not to a degree.
Assange start Wikileaks-which had nothing to do with Wikipedia-year 2006 with a group of people with similar thoughts leaking secret documents to combat corruption in government and corporate.
He sat in with a nine-member advisory body and, although not referred to as the "founder", the decision to publish the document to the site was in hand.
Disclosure of documents about Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran is considered dangerous for the government to make certain. That's one reason he kept moving.In 2008, won the Economist Assange Censorship Index Award, an award given magazine "Economist" which is managed by the Rothschild banking family. In 2009, Assange awarded the Amnesty International Media Award for her work to expose the extra-judicial killings in Kenya through the investigation of Blood Tears - Extra Judicial Killings and Disappearances (The Cry of Blood - Extra judicial killings and disappearances). In April 2010, Sam Adams Assange receive the Annual Award, an appreciation of the integrity in science.
Even as dilangsir Zee News, Wednesday (8 / 12), the mysterious source who is also an official with an important position in Russian government is saying that things had been done by Assange to reveal the secret United States by upholding the name of journalism is a brilliant thing. So the Wikileaks site founder Julian Assange judged worthy of support and even become a potential candidate to receive the Nobel award ...


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