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Nexus S. Google Phone

Google finally officially introduced the Nexus S. The next Google phone will be manufactured by Samsung. Unlike the Nexus, which was launched with bells and whistles, Google announced the Nexus S only through a posting on his official blog.

Andy Rubin, Android founder who now serves VP of Engineering at Google, said, Nexus S will be in conjunction with the inauguration of the Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread. Nexus S be the role model for Gingerbread / Andorid 2.3. 

Google developed the Nexus S  with Samsung. The specifications are quite close to the popular Samsung products such as Samsung Galaxy S.

Nexus Performance S supported Samsung Cortex A8 processor (Hummingbird) 1 GHz and 16GB of internal memory memory, and graphical processing units (GPU) partial. In addition to supporting multitasking perfect, Nexus S can also be Wi-Fi hotspots, supporting the Internet callling, and the first Android smartphone is equipped with a chip called Near Field Communication (NFC) to read digital barcode.

Contour Display 4 inches for the first time in the Nexus S. Super Thin AMOLED screen coated glass is strong, antigores, antidebu, and antibekas fingerprints, making the screen is always clear.

Software and the latest version of Google's mobile application also has embedded in it such as Google Search, Google Maps with Navigation (Beta), Mobile Instant, Voice Actions, Gmail, and Google Earth. Nexus S can also access more than 100,000 applications from the Android Market. Another feature is the Voice Actions to perform almost any command from the menu to play music, send SMS, call, or navigating.


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